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HollywoodSmiley creates

stories as well as bright smiles, with dedication to the quality of service and the scientific training of the partners involved

Invisible orthodontics – Incognito Win® & Invisalign®

Invisible Orthodontic Treatments such as Incognito Win® and Invisalign® will give you your smile easily, quickly and without the unpleasant effects of classic braces.

Biosensitive Restoration

HollywoodSmiley Clinic, using the latest technology in the field of Aesthetic Rehabilitation, works to deliver healthy, functional, and shiny smiles.

Orthodontics for Children and Adolescents

The Team specializing in Orthodontics for Children and Adolescents is here to help diagnose any problems, suggest the most appropriate method of treatment, and above all, act proactively for the best future oral health of children while orthodontic treatment is sometimes required to start some years later (9-11 years of age).
Learn more about Orthodontics by Dr. Emmanouil Inglezos

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

For this severe sleep disorder afflicting 10% of the population, HollywoodSmiley offers current therapeutic methods to relieve symptoms and treat patients

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Scientific team

Dr. Emmanuel Igglezos

Dr. Emmanuel Igglezos

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Emmanuel Igglezos, is a Special Orthodontist with many years of experience and training

Dr. Konstantina Tsironi

Dr. Konstantina Tsironi

Orthodontic Treatment

Konstantina is a Dental Surgeon with Specialization in Dentistry for Children

Katianna Igglezou

Katianna Igglezou

Head of the Clinic

Katiana is the Director of the Clinic, responsible for the smooth operation of the Clinic

American Association of Orthodontists
Swiss Dental Association
Deutsche Gesselschaft fur Kieferorthopadie e.V.
European Society of Lingual Orthodontists
World Federation of Orthodontists

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HollywoodSmiley is open every Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 21.00.

To book an appointment, please call us at +30 210 8992130 or simply fill in your details on the form on the right hand side, and we will contact you immediately.

In case you want to contact us outside working hours for an urgent incident, please call us at …

Each treatment is unique to each patient and is created according to the patient’s needs and the treatment proposed by the treating Specialist. At the end of each visit, we give instructions to each patient, either directly to the patient, to a family member or a friend that might accompany the patient. If you have any questions you can email us at or call us on +30 210 8992130


Incognito Hidden Braces
Forestadent – German Precision in Orthodontics
Invisible Braces
SCHEU – Dental Technology & Stratasys 3D
Ormco Orthodontic Appliances
Dolphin 3D Orthodontic Imaging
iTERO – 3D Digital Dentistry
Philips Zoom!